Tlatojl juniper lee figurines

Toys based off of the series and its characters.


These are the toys and their corresponding images.

Juniper Lee cast figurines

Monroe plush

These figurines feature Juniper, Ray Ray, Monroe, Marcus and Jody. The figurines are miniaturized versions of the characters with bigger heads and smaller body proportions which is common for toy figurines. [1]

Monroe Plush

This is an almost life-size plush of Monroe, the pug. It is unknown where exactly this was sold, but it is most commonly found at online auction and shopping sites. [2]

McDonald's Juniper Lee bracelet set


Released in 2007 at the same time as a Ben 10 toy set, this toy is a set of monsters which can be re-assembled into a a bracelet. [3] When a card accompanying one of the sets is viewed through the red part of the monster, they reveal a hidden image. [4]


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