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The Te Xuan Ze (Te Xuan Ze "特选择",pronounced Te "Shuan" Ze which means "The chosen one" or "special selection") is the protector of the magical world, and a mystical ambassador between the worlds, chosen by the Magical Elders. The Elders empower the Te-Xuan-Ze with a small amount of their abilities, and in return, the Te-Xuan-Ze acts as guardian of that power, taking no more and no less than what is needed.

He or she is gifted with the ability to see magical creatures and phenomena, as well as superhuman strength, durability, speed, and magical abilities which allow them to cast spells to banish supernatural beings. The Te-Xuan-Ze is unable to leave their home city (which is surrounded by a force field) until their time as the Protector has passed. However, this does not stop the protector from traveling to other, magical dimensions. The Te Xuan Ze is a title and position passed down in Juniper's family, as she is the current Te Xuan Ze, and her grandmother expected to pass down the title and powers to her son, though it skipped a generation and passed to Juniper instead. In an alternate reality where Juniper did not exist, the title was passed to Ray-Ray Lee.

Known Te Xuan ZesEdit

All along the series several Te-Xuan-Ze's have being revealed from several ages. These are:

Unnamed Te-Xuan-ZeEdit

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This Te-Xuan-Ze was responsible for banishing Auntie Roon four centuries ago.

Monroe: "Old bird falls for the same trick every 400 years!"

Kai YeeEdit

Kai Yee

Kai Yee

Great grannie duke

Great-great grandma Duke

A former Te-Xuan-Ze, until he turned traitor and attacked the Elders to try and rob them of their power.

Great-great grandma DukeEdit

Revealed in "Te Xuan Me?" she was the Te Xuan Ze before Jasmine's father.

Jasmine Lee's FatherEdit

Jasmine's father was the Te-Xuan-Ze before the mantle was passed to his daughter.


Descarga (1)


Jasmine Lee is Juniper's grandmother and the former Te-Xuan-Ze.

Juniper LeeEdit

Juniper Lee 01

Juniper Lee

Juniper Lee is Jasmine's granddaughter and the current Te-Xuan-Ze.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Each Te-Xuan-Ze is given a fraction of the Elder's mysical powers garnered from a magical orb contained in another dimension by the Elders. These powers include:

  • Superhuman Strength: The Te Xuan Ze is superhumanly strong, and their strenght level depends on them.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: They all have enhanced reflexes beyond the human limits.
  • Superhuman Agility: They all have agility, and bodily cordination enhanced beyond the human limits, which makes them great acrobats.
  • Superhuman Speed: They have superhuman speed, that allows them  to move, react, and run extraordinarily fast.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Te Xuan Ze has a vast degree of superhuman durability to endure their task.
  • Magic Sight: In addition to these physical enhancements, each Te-Xuan-Ze is capable of seeing through the barrier that typically prevents normal humans from seeing the supernatural.
  • Magic: Being the Te-Xuan-Ze allows her to utilize magic, and with Monroe and Ah-Mah's teachings, she possesses an extensive understanding of magical lore due to her mystic background.
  • Magical Energy AbsorptionWhile in the dimension that houses their source of power, Te Xuan Ze's are able to tap into the magical source to increase their strength and fighting ability briefly. This was demonstrated by Ah-Mah, who gathered magic in her body to offset the effects of her age while battling against Kai Yee. Similarly, Juniper gathered magical energy in order to increase her own strength and defeat Kai Yee.

Te Xuan Ze may also use weaponry depending on their situation. While Juniper appears to prefer using her brute strength to fight opponents, She sometimes uses the Staff of Wu-Shu, a long bo staff, and the traditional weapon for a Te Xuan Ze, according to Ah-Mah. Kai Yee used a Jian Sword (劍) to battle against his descendents. 

It has also been shown that retired Te Xuan Ze's retain these superhuman powers, as Ah-Ma still has an incredible amount of superhuman strength and speed, even with her advanced age, and still has her ability to see magical creatures and phenomena, and the ability to perform magic, though she is limited by her age. Former Te-Xuan-Ze Kai Yee also retained his superhuman powers at full strength, due to his jade imprisonment stopping him from aging.

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