Sword of the Magical Elders
Sword of elders
Sword of the Elders
Vital statistics
Type Sword
Effects Magical energy waves
Enhanced slash
Razor wind
Telekinetic link
Portal creation
Source Energy of the Magical Elders, source of all magic
Cost to buy none
Cost to sell none

The Sword of the Magical Elders is a supremely powerful ancient weapon of great magical power that an evil and corrupted Te Xuan Ze, Kai Yee, goes after in Out of the Past. He aims to use it against the magical elders themselves to gain all of their great powers and rule over all magic but it was instead used by June to beat him in battle.


Kai Yee moving towards Diamonds Ravine.

It's location is the Tomb of the Belecast in Diamonds Ravine, Orchid Bay and it is kept in a green encasing, presumably away from any who could misuse it, as the tomb itself can only be opened by a Te Xuan Ze. It is a one-edged sword with an engraving starting from the hilt, which is ends at the center of the blade .


  • The sword resembles bronze and steel dao from the Han dynasty and swords from the later Tang and Song dynasties so it is slightly different from any of these sword types, as the pommel and engraving are slightly different, more simplified to meet the needs of the show's established world and drawing style. It generally seems to be a mish-mash of different sword styles in China from those periods.
  • Kai Yee uses the sword in combination with his own personal sword to, for example, create a powerful magical whirlwind that he can control against his enemies.