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Skeeter cowboy suit
also known as Skeeter was a 3000 year old Mummy from ancient Egypt. But unlike must most Egyptians of his time he was not buried with a mountain of riches, when he died he was later uncovered by archeologist and brought to the Orchid Bay City Museum, where he was put on display. But when a cult of Dark Sorcerers find out about his location, they use their mastery of the dark arts to reanimate Skeeters lifeless Body. They raised him because he was supposed to be the source of wealth and power, unknowingly to them that meant opening up a fast food chain run by the undead. Upon his revival Khomen-Gettit opens up a restaurant called Uncle Skeeter Waffle & Rib emporium. Where he employs Zombies because according to him they are an untapped work source. He plans to use the Orb of Rafuk (the same orb used to revive him) to become immortal and expand his restaurant all over the world, and the dead will never rest. Even though June manages to destroy the orb before sunset, this isn’t the last she’ll see of Khomen-Gettit. The money hungry mummy makes his return in the episode "Welcome Bat Otter" where he manipulates the monster community into buying his anti-Bat Otter kit, to play of the monsters fears. June finds out it’s just a scam to make money, she investigates the conspiracy to expose Skeeter for the fraud that he is.He was last seen being eatten by the bat otter

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