"In Season 2, Juniper Lee chats up a pair of camels at the zoo and gets talked into rescuing a group of magical beings from the wicked zookeeper. Then a sneaky TV show producer makes June the star of her own reality show, only she doesn’t know it! And reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when June has to help Easter Bunnies in Sweetland end a feud with the chickens. Sometimes being the Te Xuan Ze isn’t a treat at all!"
―-Season 2 description on iTunes.

Season 2 cover on iTunes.

The second season of The Life & Times of Juniper Lee introduces new villains and some more backstory and lore of the show, as well as changes in relationships. It features two holiday -themed specials. Episodes were released from January 14, 2006 to August 16, 2006 - debuting with O Brother What Art Thou and concluding with Party Monsters.

No shorts were released during the season airing. An easter holiday special was released during this season in april 2006. It is not available in any DVD or iTunes releases.

The entire season can currently be bought at iTunes, released in 2010.

It was preceded by season 1 in 2005 and followed up by season 3 on August 23rd, 2006, seven days after season 2 ended.

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Season 2 Episodes 

The below list features official episode descriptions and release dates from iTunes.[1] (Note: The list features airing times as they are listed on iTunes as the official dates and do not feature the airing dates from other countries or Cartoon Network branches (such as airing dates in Swedish Cartoon Network or Cartoon Network Latin America) which users have input on other sites.)

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Title Written by Storyboarded by Original airdate Production code
14 1 "It's the Great Pumpkin, Juniper Lee" Adam Pava David Chlystek & Patrick Kochakji October 14, 2005 15
Monster parents asks for June's help when their kids turn into humans beings for Halloween and stay that way.
15 2 "O Brother What Art Thou" Tim McKeon Brian Larsen & Fred Reyes January 14, 2006 14
Ray-Ray tests out a growth potion to make himself bigger, but winds up becoming a gigantic monster.
16 3 "The Great Escape" Marsha F. Griffin Alexander Que & Jill Colbert Trousdale January 21, 2006 16
June tries to rescue a group of magical beings who have been turned into animals and imprisoned by an evil zookeeper. 
17 4 "Picture Day" Tim McKeon Brian Larsen & Fred Reyes January 28, 2006 17
A demoness creates clones of June and her friends in order to release an evil ruler from banishment.
18 5 "Star Quality" Adam Pava & Judd Winick David Chlystek & Patrick Kochakji February 4, 2006 18
June becomes the reluctant star of her own reality television show. 
19 6 "There's No Mitzvah Like Snow Mitzvah" Marsha F. Griffin Alexander Que & Jill Colbert March 11, 2006 19
A demon traps June's friends and family inside a snow globe during Jody's sister's Bat Mitzvah.
20 7 "Bada Bing Bada Boomfist" Tim McKeon Brian Larsen & Fred Reyes March 17, 2006 20
A magic spell brings Ray-Ray's comic book hero and his evil nemesis to life.
21 8 "Adventures in Babysitting" Judd Winick Jill Colbert & Alexander Que March 24, 2006 21
Ah-Mah tells Ray-Ray the story of how June became the Te Xuan Ze.
22 9 June's Egg-cellent Adventure: Juniper Lee Meets the Easter Bunny" Judd Winick Mike Kunkel & Jill Colbert April 14, 2006 22
June's Easter plans come to a stop when her, Ray Ray and Monroe arrive in the middle of a civil war.
23 10 "I've Got You Under My Skin" Marsha F. Griffin Jill Colbert & Alexander Que May 12, 2006 23
When she needs to be in two places at once, June tries to create a body-double but things go terribly wrong.
24 11 "Welcome Bat Otter" Tim McKeon Brian Larsen & Fred Reyes June 6, 2006 24
June goes in search of a mysterious creature that is terrifying the entire magical community.
25 12 "Dog Show Afternoon" Judd Winick David Chlystek & Brian Larsen June 15, 2006 25
Monroe must compete in a dog show to help June catch a shapeshifting creature on the loose.
26 13 "Dream Date" Marsha F. Griffin David Chlystek & Peter Kochakji June 20, 2006 25
The Sandman puts the entire school in danger during the night of the big dance.
27 14 "Party Monsters" Marsha F. Griffin David Chlystek & Peter Kochakji August 18, 2006 27
June's relatives are turned into monsters during Ah-Mah's birthday party.

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