Production art by Mike Kunkel and Millet Henson.

The crew of The Life and Times of Juniper Lee was comprised of actors and the production cast. [1][2][3][4]

All three seasons of the show were produced in-house at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, California, with over-seas animation by Rough Draft Korea.[5]

Voice crewEdit

  • Juniper: Lara Jill Miller
  • Ray Ray: Kath Soucie
  • Monroe: Carlos Alazraqui
  • Dennis: Alexander Polinsky
  • Jody: Colleen O'Shaughnessey
  • Ophelia: Candi Milo
  • Roger, Lila: Tara Strong
  • Marcus: Phil LaMarr
  • Voice director: Sue Blu
  • Recording studio manager: Karie Gima Pham
  • Recording engineer: Robert Serda

Look under "See More" for Minor Cast.

Production castEdit

Directors Edit

  • Supervising director: Frank Squillace
  • Art director: Alan Bodner
  • Animation director: Hugo Morales
  • Timing director: Patrick Gleeson

Story Edit

Storyboards Edit

Writing Edit

Art Edit

Music & SoundEdit

  • Music by: Stewart Copeland
  • Main title theme written by: Stewart Copeland, Rob Guariglia, David Lehner, Rob Lehner

Editing Edit

  • Picture editor: Roger W. Hinze
  • Dialogue editor: Matthew Brown, Jim Hearn (season 3)
  • Director of Production Technology: Antonio Gonella
  • Post-production sound services: Hacienda Post
  • Supervising sound editor: Timothy J. Borquez. Cas (season 3)
  • Sound editors: Marc Mailand, Daisuki Sawa
  • Music editor: Brian Mars
  • Re-recording mixers: Eric Freeman, Timothy J. Borquez, CAS

Animation Edit

  • Animatic Scanner: Carl "Wizard" Faruolo
  • Sheet Timers: Rex Faraday, Tim Long, Patrick Gleeson
  • Animation checking: Sandy Benenati
  • Overseas production facility: Rough Draft Korea
  • Main title animation by: The Astonish Factory

Producers Edit

  • Executive producer for Cartoon Network Studios: Brian A. Miller
  • Line producer: Janet Dimon
  • Supervising producer: Jennifer Pelphrey, Frank Squillace
  • Executives in charge of production for Cartoon Network: Jay Bastian, Khaki Jones
  • Executive producer: Judd Winick

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References Edit

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