Out of Charm's Way start screen

Out of Charm's Way was the third online game to be made based on the show and combines concepts, monsters and villains that have appeared in different episodes. Currently unavailable for playing on any online games-collecting sites. Warning: The descriptions below have spoilers to the game.

Summary/How to playEdit

  • Monroe in the intro for "Out of Charm's Way"
  • Juniper in the intro for "Out of Charm's Way"

Intro clip:

June: Hey Monroe! Ray Ray found this weird thing in the park. Any idea what it is?

Monroe: Well, it's definitely a magic charm. Powerful too-- I can already feel my fur standing on end.
June: Well, then we'd better make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. I'll check the park for any other magical doodads.

Game controlsEdit

  • Left and right arrow keys - Move
  • Up and down arrow key - Look
  • Z key - Jump
  • X key - Attack

Instructions Edit

  • Collect 100 jewels for an extra life
  • Collect all the charms to win special download


There are three areas, each of which have ten levels. During these you collect two different types of charms: jewels for life points and a bigger charm for a special extra; as well as new abilities/spells for each area.

The Park Edit

The Mall Edit

The Cave Edit


Good endingEdit

You earn the right to a prize at the end which is a wallpaper that used to be downloadable on the Cartoon Network site.

Bad endingEdit

Game Over!

Don't give up the fight! After all, those charms won't collect themselves!


Monsters Edit

  • A bug-like rock-slab monster (also seen in the first episode of the show).
  • A multi-tentacled octopi-like monster

Boss Fights Edit


  • The music and sound for this game was composed and designed by Chris Rickwood[1].
  • The game's mechanics and levels were made by Brad Meritt[2].


  • The graphics and sprites provided resemble the show the most out of all three online games. The jump animation for example is almost an exact copy of Mike Kunkel's key frames from the intro [3] and so are the backgrounds and villain sprites as well.
  • The big charms that June collects in the game are actually the belt buckle or charm from Loki's belt in the show.

Gallery Edit

Add images here from the game, such as screenshots.

References Edit

  1. Credits/ Chris Rickwood
  2. Bullet Pattern - October 2006
  3. The Art of Andre Moore: Model Sheet Tuesday 4/4/06

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