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Monotuke 01

Monotuke in Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

Monotuke 02

Monotuke revealed in Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

A Monotuke is a magical being appearing as a small cutesy magical creature. According to Monroe, monotukes are not to be trusted, as they are conniving and treacherous beings who will most definitely do something under-handed. [1] The monotuke that June and Lila meet, appears in Make Me Up Before You Go-Go, releasing some prisoner Unglian Banticores from orbital banishment.


The monotuke that Juniper and Lila encounter is a smaller round and baby-like monster of a purple coloration, with brighter purple horns and unerbelly. It has blue sclera and dark purple eyes. It seems to have scales as well as a tail. With two protruding upper teeth, this monotuke resembles a cartoon dinosaur slightly, but is of unknown origin, appearing from an I.T.O (Inter-Dimensional Travelling Orb). He carries a wand with him that is similar to the wand that June and Monroe had used in the show.


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