Gender: Male
Species: Nordic God/Demon
Age: Younger than Thor (immortal)
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Yellow
Odin and Freyja (according to mythology)
Ms./Mrs. Evermore (Taylor's mom)
Taylor Evermore (son)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  New Trickster in Town
Last Appearance:
  Who's Your Daddy?
Voiced by:
Jeff Bennett

Loki is the Nordic God of Lies, and is one of the recurring villains of the series. He was imprisoned for centuries after causing mayhem in the human world, where he was guarded by Trelleckian trolls. That was until in the 21st Century, June accidentally released him by banishing his jailers.



Loki's origins are presumably the same as the mythological Loki, except that at some point in his life, thousands of years ago, he was sealed in a grave in Orchid Bay where he remained sealed till he was finally able to possess the Trickster, Terry, during April Fools, and manage to escape.

New Trickster In Town

A few Trelleckian Trolls were re-hammering Loki into his private tomb, but are stopped by Juniper, thus accidentally giving way to Loki's rise to power. During April Fool's Day he manages to possess Terry in order to create wild chaos in order to break free of his imprisonment.

As soon as he does, he gets just enough power he takes his real form, and leaves Terry's body as he no longer needs him, and turns Orchid Bay into a monstrous version of it.

Who's Your Daddy?

Loki enlists the help of his estranged half-human son to befriend Juniper Lee and to use her power as Te Xuan Ze to break him out of banishment.

In the end he briefly escapes and battles his son, but is tricked back into his cage by his own son.

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: As a god, Loki cannot age or die.
  • Lightning Manipulation: Loki can unleash blasts, bolts, and waves of lightning that are powerful enough to leave Juniper, a Te Xuan Ze, battered and withering on the ground.
Loki Lightning Bolts

Loki projecting lightning bolts.

  • Possession: He can posses other people like he did with the Trickster.
  • Reality Warping; Loki has shown to posses some vast reality warping powers, enough to turn the whole Orchid Bay City into a monstrous version of it, or changing his surrounding at his will.
    Loki Telekinesis

    Loki using telekinesis.

  • Telekinesis: Loki possesses telekinesis, able to surround anything or anyone of his choosing in his energy and lift them as he pleases.


  • Master of trickery: As the god of lies, luck and mischief he is the king of lies and is very deceitful in his every doing as he is not above breaking a deal or lie about it.
  • Prank Master: As the god of mischief he is a master of pranks which regularly end up being quite cruel.


  • Loki appears in the game Out of Charm's Way. The charms that the player collects as June are actually the skull on Loki's belt.
  • In his first appearance Loki appears to have simple glowing yellow eyes. In his second appearance during season three however, his usual yellow eyes have red hollow irises and pupils.
  • This version of Loki is unusual in appearance as Loki is more often depicted as humanoid and having green and yellow colors associated with him. This Loki is always depicted as having a snake's tail, a coal black body, yellow eyes and trails of red markings and symbols on his body.
  • The markings on his body somewhat resemble the markings of the Darnock Demon when it is full of Te Xuan Ze energy in Little Big Mah, so it could be assumed that this is a stylistic way for the show to represent magical creatures of great power.
  • On the show he has a son, Taylor. In real mythology, Loki had three kids: two sons and a daughter.