Jasmine's house.

Jasmine's house is a location prominently featured on the show. It is owned by Jasmine Lee


Jasmine's house is featured since the first episode of the series, It's Your Party and I'll Whine If I Want To. Progressively, more rooms and perspectives have been revealed.

Floors, Rooms & SpacesEdit

These are descriptions of the floors and rooms in Jasmine's house. Each floor, room or space has it's own use.

Ground FloorEdit

This floor has several rooms basic, such as the lounge (living room). It also houses a majority of the statues of previous Te Xuan Ze, such as Jasmine's father's or her own. The statue gallery connects with the next floor.

First Floor Edit

This is where the kitchen resides as well as a few other Te Xuan Ze statues and some closed rooms.


This is where Ah-Mah sleeps. This space also holds all her objects and items about the history of magic, such as the origin of the Veil and the Magical Elders as well as many magical items for protection or to alert her of unlawful activity in her house.[1]


This is in essence the base of operations of Jasmine's work as previous Te Xuan Ze, and as mentor of the current Te Xuan Ze.

References Edit

  1. Out of the Past

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