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I'll Get By with a Little Help from Elf is the eighth episode of the whole series.

Summary Edit

June feels that her duties as the Te Xuan Ze are taking too much time from her normal life. But when a helper elf arrives to aid her, she remains ignorant of his true motives.

Plot Edit

June is fighting a demon, when it suddenly summons a half-shark half-crocodile monster while her friends think she's just being late to the movies as usual.

While taking a test, a "helper elf" appears to her, offering her the answers of the test she didn't have time to study for. June starts taking more help from this elf and finally feels like she's handling the whole Te Xuan Ze thing. Just as Monroe and Jasmine remind her to be aware of warning signs, the elf reveals itself to be employed by the same demon she fought earlier, Donnie. The helper elf wrote one of June's homeworks wrong, resulting in her parents being called to the teacher's office and in them grounding her for shirking schoolwork.

Meanwhile, the helper elf tells Donnie that the Te Xuan Ze is taken care of and Donnie orders the summoning of a Cabana beast to wreak havoc in Orchid Bay.

June is still grounded so Ray Ray and Monroe step in. Some Speed Demons are panicking in the park about a Leviathan Frog. Monroe states that there hasn't been a Leviathan Frog in 600 years only to scream and run in terror from it. Unable to deal with the giant frog destroying the city, June suddenly steps in to deal with it, riding it out into the sea, to pit it against the Cabana beast.

The episode ends with Ah-Mah comforting June and telling her that it's okay to ask for help even in the Te Xuan Ze line, and Monroe her, even Ray Ray, but to give them small tasks.

Credits clip Edit

The helper elf apologizes to Donnie, saying he didn't know his backup plan with te frog would backfire or that "the kid" could ride a frog bareback, hoping good graces from the demon. Donnie just banishes him.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is the first time the moniker "Queen of the Flakes" is used for Juniper, referring to her constant habit of being late to or missing out on hanging out with her friends.
  • This is the episode where Ah-mah mentions taking dragon flying lessons.

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