Dracotta beast

Dracotta Beast

The Dracotta Beast is a monster that appears in the episode Meet the Parent. It loves to eat statues. They are quadruped, but they sometimes stand on their hind legs.

These creatures are red-violet in color. They closely resemble Diplodocus, a sauropod dinosaur from the Jurassic Period. They have sharp teeth, sharp claws with the front claws resembling those of Therizinosaurus or another dinosaur called Deinocheirus, and they occasionally show their large cobra-like hood that shoots green slime. Their tails wield a large club with spikes, which slightly resemble the tail of Ankylosaurus.

The Dracotta Beast that Juniper and her team deal with is actually a mother looking for it's cub. They appear in season one's "Meet the Parent".