Donnie is a large Hawaiian-themed demon, who attacked Juniper Lee on the roof of the Orchid Bay Movie Theater. He summons a Shark-o-dile to combat June with, but she ends up kicking both him and his monster through the worm hole he conjured it from. Realizing how much of a problem June really is, he employs a Helper Elf to sabotage her, and put her out of commission long enough for him to summon a Cabana Beast to destroy the city with. His plan ultimately fails when June directs a Leviathan Fog to attack his Cabana Beast.

He appears in I'll Get By with a Little Help from My Elf.


  • Summoning Donnie has the power to summon all sorts of magical creatures to do his bidding. So it’s not often that he takes part in actual fights himself.

Gallery Edit

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