• WhammyElf

    Hey check out this new behind the scenes that I just found!
    An old DVD interview with Judd Winick himself!:

    Posted two weeks ago, this definitely looks like it was filmed before production on the show was finished or maybe just filmed separately for the season 1 DVD extras, it has that very 2002-2003 air about it.... well, wherever&whenever it's from, it's certainly a surprise for lil' ole Europe-residing fan like me to see this, since it's not like this content is available much elsewhere than the DVDs & extra content CN puts out occasionally and I just wouldn't have thought to just search this as a video either, 'cause it's just so unusual! So far I've only ever seen text interviews, so this was really interesti…

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  • WhammyElf

    Blog posts re-opened

    January 5, 2018 by WhammyElf

    Hi everyone!

    This is your friendly neighborhood admin WhammyElf to announce that I've re-opened the blog posts feature as I think it would add a little fun and more freedom to the wikia.

    So now, if you want to make a topic about a specific thing but have found the forums to be lacking and want to be a single author of a topic, you can post it on your blog!

    Here's more reasons for why blog posts are cool from the Community Wikia:

    Blogs are different than a typical article in that they are not intended to be a collaboratively written pieces of content, but instead a single user's composition. The idea is to give people a different way to express themselves in their community

    Some examples of why a user would write a blog article instead of a trad…

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  • Mr.DarkPhantom

    If there is anyone here (which I doubt) this place needs an admin, and since I'm clearly the only one here and I love this series, I want to so be the one in charge, so if for some miracle there is somebody else here I'd like your support.

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